Personal Identification Number (PIN)

A personal Identification Number (PIN) is a unique identifier for all taxpayers in Kenya. The PIN applies to both Individual and corporate organizations, and it is a unique identifier of each taxpayer. It is like Tax Identification Number (TIN) in the United States of America, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, and all countries by Revenue Services.

Where or when do you need a PIN?

You will need a PIN to register and transfer motor vehicles and land title deeds, open a bank account, obtain business permits from local authorities, apply for VAT registration, facilitate importation and exportation of goods, and customs clearance. You will also need it for electricity connection, facilitate all contracts with government ministries, agencies, and public bodies, and get employed in civil service. Students joining universities and technical colleges and requiring loans from Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) will also need a PIN. Increasingly you will need the PIN for so many things – you better obtain it as soon as you can as you will not get onboarded for insurance without it.

Common Mistakes Associated with PIN registration

Most people obtain their PINs in public Cyber Cafes with people who might not have enough tax knowledge. When getting a PIN, please make sure you use an email address you will remember, including its password. KRA will use it for official correspondence like password resets, notices, and demands.The trading period for businessaffects when you need to file returns and pay installment taxes. Correct selection of whether the applicant is a residentor non-resident for tax purposes is essentialto determine the tax rate. Finally, select obligations applicable to you or your business. For example, do not select PAYE or VAT, yet you are an individual without employees or do not deal with vatable good. If you choose the wrong obligations erroneously, please visit the nearest KRA offices or apply for a correction.

How to get a PIN?

Any Kenyan above 18 years of age can get a PIN once they obtain their National Identification Card (ID) or passport. Application is via a prescribed format on the KRA Portal.

Non-Kenya will require a Passport, work permit, and Alien ID card to apply for a non-Kenyan resident PIN that attracts the standard tax rate as a resident at 30%. They can obtain a non-Kenyan Non-resident with a higher tax rate without the Alien ID.

When should you cancel your PIN?

If you do not require a PIN, you can apply to the Commissioner to cancel the PIN. Cancellation is necessary for non-Kenyans who have left the country and businesses’ that have stopped operations. Cancellation will be helpful to avoid penalties and interests for non-filing of returns when you are not a tax resident or have a dormant company.


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